Who We Are

Mission Statement

The mission of Meso America Development Group, LLC ("MDG") is to provide value added corporate services to facilitate trade and investment between Latin America, the United States and Canada. MDG is uniquely positioned to assist both North American and Latin American clients to successfully navigate the legal, regulatory, and business environments in these markets.


MDG is committed to providing quality, effective and professional services. We have a team oriented approach to achieving our client’s goals. We work closely with our strategic partners to develop a program and strategy that best meets our client’s needs.

We understand the importance of trust to the success of any business relationship. To that end, MDG pursues every transaction with total honesty and integrity. Openness and candor are valued in every part of our organization. It is part of our overall corporate governance policy to adhere to the principles and guidelines that meet the highest standards of accountability, objectivity, and ethics.

Accomplishment of these tasks and our services are filled with energy, creativity, meaning, and enjoyment for all involved.

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MDG is committed to the protection and enhancement of the environment, mitigating climate change, sustainable development and the eradication of poverty in the Americas.

We are committed to the principles of quality, integrity and responsiveness, and to always act in the best interest of our clients. We will work together with our clients to determine the most cost effective and efficient way to maximize their opportunities and resources.

MDG is committed to providing the highest professional representation services and resources to help you achieve your objectives in international business.


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Corporate Model

MDG is a leading professional organization which structures access to short, medium and long term capital and investment risk guarantees. The firm provides global management, due diligence services and direct assistance to companies and investors who undertake major projects in the Americas.

We have the ability to raise capital, identify joint venture partners and technology providers for project development and to carry out assignments, quickly, effectively, and economically.

MDG differentiates itself by having unparallel experience, expertise and capabilities in the Americas. MDG maintains an extensive network of strategic alliances with senior partners, agents and consultants throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

MDG has established relationships and works through an impressive private network of investment bankers, international funds, commercial banks, asset based lenders, and insurance companies to structure and place simple to highly complex transactions.

MDG takes advantage of its location and extensive experience in Washington D.C. to work through bilateral and multilateral institutions, U.S. government agencies, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and research and technology centers.

A unique combination of financial engineering, management and design skills, operational experience and international markets is central to our approach. Backed by an impressive record of working with multinational corporations, multilateral agencies, small business, government and non-government organizations, we are ready to provide expert advice and assistance in any area of international business.

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Client Benefits

  • Unmatched depth of experience and knowledge of U.S. and Latin American markets
  • Strategic network of senior partners, associates, agents, local and international consultants and excellent relations with governments, multilateral agencies, foundations, and non-government organizations
  • Highest standards of professional services with focus on creativity, innovative solutions, integrity and responsiveness
  • Excellence in personalized service and long term commitment to client relationship
  • Expert communications, quality documentation and reporting, and extensive research capabilities

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Corporate Licensing

MDG is a Certified and Licensed Insurance Broker in the States of Maryland, District of Columbia, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina.

MDG is headquartered in Washington DC and maintains agency representation and strategic alliances with associated firms in New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, California in United States, and Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil in Latin America.

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Management and Experience

Juan Carlos Rivera Montes is the Managing Director of the Meso America Development Group, LLC. He has more than twenty five years of international experience in Latin America working as a Regional Director, Senior Advisor, and International Consultant to corporations, multilateral institutions, and government agencies.

Juan Carlos is the former Director for the Small Business Center at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) where he managed business development and underwriting responsibilities for the agency in 156 countries. During his six year tenure at OPIC, Juan Carlos developed and managed a portfolio of clients of approximately $1 billion of new investments in Latin America and Asia, executed 75 contracts and commitments providing debt, equity, and capital market transactions for housing, energy, telecommunications, and transportation projects increasing OPIC’s global portfolio exposure in those regions.

Prior to OPIC, Juan Carlos served as a senior director and chief operations officer (COO) for Meso-American Investments, LLC (MAI), a firm located in Denver, Colorado, focusing in the evaluation and development of conventional and renewable energy projects around the world. Juan Carlos also served as Regional Director for Latin American Programs while at AATA International, Inc where he was responsible for business development and project management for environmental consulting services to oil and gas, mining, energy, and water utility corporations with infrastructure projects and operations in Latin America. As an International Consultant, Juan Carlos has performed assignments for the government of Honduras, the Inter American Development Bank (IADB), the World Bank, the UNDP New York, the BRGM (France), Samsonite Corporation, International Methane Company (Canada), and the Honduran Foundation for Investment and Development of Exports (FIDE) among others.

Juan Carlos received a degree in geological engineering from the Colorado School of Mines, and an MBA in international finance and marketing from the Jesuit Regis University in Denver, Colorado. He received certified professional training from the BRGM in France, the Swedish Geological Survey, and the World Trade Centers in Dallas and Denver. He holds graduate certificate programs in International Finance from Georgetown University and Housing Finance from Fannie Mae in Washington DC. Additional training includes technical certificates in geographic information systems (GIS), remediation, reclamation technologies, water and wastewater treatment, and renewable energy.

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